Evaporate 19
This is the year zero!
I Love The Animals
A music video for a song I found on a random CD-ROM.
Maggie's Piano Lesson
Dez teaches Maggie how to play piano.
Where's the Bird Watching Club?
Sammy gets lost in the community center.
Wombat Theater Policy
A theater policy trailer made for the Sherman Oaks Film Festival.
Don't Feed the Pigeons (2019)
Sammy and co. encounter some disgruntled pigeons.
A curious bear takes a look inside a beehive.
Pike Plays Catch
Frilligan and Cecile show Pike their new football!
Plancy's World #7
A scarecrow needs help scaring crows.
The Pipe Rack
An animation of a lost radio ad.
Where's Spronkey?
A boy searches for his lost dog.
Pike Peels Out
Pike eats banana peels, much to everyone's disgust.
Evaporate 18
Have you ever played a game more... animal?
Evaporate 17
He looks like a tumor!
The Harmacy (2019)
Sammy visits the wrong pharmacy.
All Cars Do That
Based on a nightmare.
Cecile's Late Night Discovery
Cecile shows off something amazing! ... at 3 AM.
Bears (2019)
Music video for "Bears" by The Royal Guardsmen.
Pike and the Seasquatch (2019)
Pike and Frilligan enter a mysterious cave and meet a big, hairy, unexpected face.
Evaporate 16 (2019)
You must be my MYATH tutor!
Maggie's First Snowman (2019)
Sammy shows Maggie how to build a snowman.
Hotel Mario But With Yogi Bear (2019)
A recreation of the Hotel Mario intro but as a Yogi Bear cartoon.

I'm Jacob Lenard. Throughout all of my life I've loved to create cartoons, characters, music and humorous gags. Almost every cartoon on this site was made by me single handedly. Save for voice acting and occasionally writing, I direct, design, animate, score, and edit everything myself.

Take a look around, and enjoy!