Mugman's Wish (2014)
Mugman wishes for a second arm from a wizard.
Mugman Gets Into Shape (2014)
Mugman needs to shape up with the help of his burly sister, Teanna.
Mugman's Snowman (2014)
Mugman builds a snowman that comes to life!
Mugman's Pet (2015)
Mugman adopts a pet cassowary.
Rock Tennis (2015)
Johnny hits rocks at cars with a tennis racket.
Mugman Can't Sleep (2015)
Mugman has trouble falling asleep.
The Cricket (2015)
Teanna and Mugman look for an annoying cricket in their house.
Sunshine's Dinner (2015)
Mugman goes to get more food for Sunshine.
Mugman's Headphones (2015)
Mugman borrow's Pementa's headphones and breaks them.
Dollar Land (2015)
Mugman and Pementa explore a haunted dollar store.
Leap the Creek (2015)
Mugman, Teanna and Pementa jump over a creek.
Mugman and the Wand (2015)
Mugman gets a hold of the Free Wizard's wand.
Mugman's Shower (2015)
Mugman needs a good shower.
Mugman at the Driving Range (2015)
Mugman doesn't know how to putter.
One Strike! (2015)
Mugman accidentally ends up on a game show.
The Big-Mouthed Bumbler (2015)
An annoying criminal enters Mugman and Teanna's home and won't leave them alone.
Hook, Line & Saucer (2015)
Mugman drops his new saucer in a pond and tries to get it out.
Teanna's Treat Trouble (2015)
Teanna gets interrupted by children while watching a Halloween horror movie.
Wedgwood Marathon (2015)
Sunshine ruins a race.
Rain Dodger (2015)
Pementa gets a free game.
Teanna's Job (2015)
Teanna works extra hard to get a promotion.
Wizard Pest Control (2016)
Mugman and Teanna call an "exterminator", the Free Wizard.
Dollar Land Redux (2016)
Mugman and Pementa explore a haunted dollar store... again.
Trampoline (2016)
Sunshine ruins Mugman and Teanna's trampoline fun.
Pementa's Fear (2016)
Pementa hates squirrels.
Sunshine's Checkup (2016)
Sunshine gets taken to the vet.
Candy Machine (2017)
Mugman struggles to get a quarter.

Mugman was my first animated series, about a one-armed boy with a mug on his head named Mugman and his daily escapades.